Welcome to MyUKMailbox.com! Safe, reliable and affordable UK mail forwarding.

Welcome to MyUKMailbox.com! We provide a fast, reliable and affordable UK mail forwarding service, which is available to people from everywhere in the world. No matter where you live we will get it there. Sign up today and you will get your very own Leeds street address, which you can sent your UK mail or packages to and we will forward them to you anywhere in the world!

Our UK parcel forwarding service is designed to fit the needs of everyone so we have two different packages available: standard and premium. Standard offers casual users the chance to get lower cost shipping than the retailers for no monthly fee. Premium parcel forwarding offers a much more discounted service and is ideal for regular customers who need to save money on shipping and want other options like our scanning and emailing service or adding an additional address to your address book - all for £14.99 a month. Both packages offer a great user area with real-time mailbox management. When your mail arrives you will be able to see a picture of it and tell us when to forward it to you. You are in complete control of your packages.

We are the first UK mail forwarder on the market to offer such extensive services and we are excited to offer our forwarding services to a worldwide market.

Many customers are already taking advantage of our great parcel forwarding services, particularly consumers from Australia who want to buy goods from online shops like Zara, Karen Millen and Burberry. We can help you buy UK goods wherever you are in the world using our BuyForMe service. We are always pleased to help customers get their hands on H&M clothing in Australia - we know how difficult it is to get a hold of!

See what our current customers are saying about our UK mail, parcel and package forwarding service on our testimonial page. So, sign up today and start shopping in the UK and EU.

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Ingrid Heyn, Australia

I\'ve tried several different parcel forwarding services from the UK to Australia, and MyUKMailBox in my opinion are the best of the lot. It\'s easy to use (no difficulty matching invoices to parcels or anything of that sort!), includes a photo of the parcel so that one can be certain of what\'s being held, and the rates are very competitive. Service is fast and efficient. I truly do recommend MyUKMailBox as an excellent parcel forwarding service.

Peter R, Sweden

Very great service and fast answers on questions. Next time I need to buy anything from UK I know who can help me. Thank you very much!

Denis Herlihy, Ireland

Fantastic service, with very prompt and helpful communication. Great way of purchasing from websites that don\'t deliver to Ireland. Never had any problems using MyUKMailBox and would highly recommend the website.

Daniel, Indonesia

Thank you very much for best services that i ever had.

ann, Norway

myukmailbok is great way to send pack from uk, when the ebay seller dont ship to your country. They are fast to answear upon mail, and a great detail you get a note on your e mail wen the pack is in your mailbox, with photo of your pack. Its easy to consoldate pack, you can store pack for free in 14 days, so you have some time. The shipping is fast, takes 3days to norway. Recomnded.

Saman Jayarathna, Sri Lanka

I used Myukmailbox for my shipment from UK. I am very satisfied about this service.My packages arrive before I expected. Its so easy and so fast. Charges are very reasonable.No hidden charges. I recommend Myukmailbox anyone who need reship from UK to anywhere in the world.

Cornelius Jacobus Nieuwoudt, South Africa

Since we in South Africa often experience problems with shipping from overseas, I have found MyUKMailbox very helpful. It is a safe and reliable option to get parcels and mail from overseas.

Florin Ilia, Romania

Having used for years a similar service from the United States (a very good one), I had high expectations from myUKmailbox. I was not disappointed, the service just works, with good communication, good packing, never a delay or a surprise. It earned this compulsive shopper\'s seal of approval :-)

Bastian Brummer, Germany

THX - perfect service for an affordable price - i would probably will use ist again - THX Fast shipping ;-)

Victoria Kibbis, Australia

Due to living in Australia it is common for some UK companies not able to ship to australia. From my first email contact to Myukmailbox to final delivery of my purchase I have found the staff friendly and willing to help with all my enquiries to make the process easy and quick. I will always use Myukmailbox so i don\'t have to worry if my parcel has been misplaced while in transit and feel With confidence. Vicky Kibbis - Geelong , Australia

International parcel forwarding from £11.50

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Packing your items

You want your UK purchases properly protected when they are shipped, don't you? That's right and we recognise this is a big concern to our customers. Consequently, we take steps to ensure your parcel is always packaged correctly.

We recycle packaging wherever possible (that's right, we are environmentally friendly!) but this does not mean we compromise on protection of your package. The recycled packaging we use is always in good condition.

We don't under-fill boxes and we don't over-fill boxes. We ensure the correctly sized box is used and fill any extra space with packing peanuts, paper or bubblewrap. We notice and take extra care of fragile items. Whether it is pottery or artwork your item will be protected throughout its journey to you.

We use high quality tape. Each box gets a strip of reinforced glass fibre parcel tape for added security.

We label your items properly. We are very experienced international shippers and we know what documentation is required with all your shipments. Our commercial invoices, air waybills, address labels, and warning labels tell the courier and customs exactly what is required and exactly where it is going. This allows for swift movement of your goods through the courier networks and minimises the risk of your item getting lost.


We provide a BuyForMe service. However, we charge a rate of 8% per transaction. Upon collecting payment from you we will buy your items and get them shipped to your MyUKMailbox address. We will then inform you of their arrival. To use this service please fill out our BuyForMe order request form and we will contact you to arrange payment.

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